Eroticism and high temperature?

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They seem like two somewhat contradictory terms. But have you ever seriously considered in what period of the year your body is with the greatest sexual disposition. In studies carried out by the University of Oxford, it has been concluded that in countries with hot but not torrid summers, births increase ten months after the summer. The fact is that summer is a good time for eroticism and sex.

On the one hand, high temperatures cause an increase in sexual desire, since they stimulate the production of different hormones related to this desire. More testosterone and estrogens are also released, as well as increased blood flow to the genitals, causing greater sensitivity and as a result, orgasms are more enjoyable.

And if that wasn't enough. What can you tell me about that state of mind and mood that causes relaxation, more free time, disconnection, time to prepare that special and seductive meeting, those sexy clothes, those well-tanned bodies ...

And at the end there is always our relaxing shower that refreshes everything and restores calm.

Nooooo. In the end, what remains is Masajes

Brahma, where you can enjoy the most sensual and ardent French Shower as well as the most relaxing of massages.

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