A highly energizing session that stimulates and balances the vital energy of the skin. We use a high quality cosmetic line, suitable for all skin types that provides luminosity, better muscle tone, nourishing from the deepest layers of the skin, precisely from where the cells take their nutrients.

The enormous properties of 24K gold in colloidal state and in nanoparticles, have been known since time immemorial and provide everything that the skin needs to look radiant and rejuvenated. The most important benefits are: Purifying, Detoxifying, Energizing (Gold) and Anti-aging (Caviar).

GOLD 24K. It is an ingredient revered and used since ancient times (Ming dynasty), to delay the aging process. An energizing ingredient that balances and stimulates vital energy, renewing and vitalizing, increasing skin defenses and resistance.

CAVIAR. A very high content of essential amino acids, proteins, trace elements, phospholipids and fatty acids responsible for the efficiency of intracellular cement. It has nourishing, restructuring, vitalizing properties that improve the texture and relief of the skin, providing firmness and tone that help rejuvenate its appearance.

BENTONITE. It is a type of clay that contains many minerals and vitamins. Helps to detoxify the body, strengthening the immune system. This treatment will help to remove toxins and impurities from the skin.

The minimum duration of erotic treatments is 75 minutes, adapting each treatment to an encounter that is not only sensual but also healthy and relaxing. At Brahma Masajes we have designed special treatments, in order to stimulate each corner of your body from the depths, with a new treatment concept formulated in various experiences.

We will start with a mutual shower or stretcher peeling, where we will remove dead skin cells or superficial peeling, providing freshness and cleanliness.

Once the exfoliation is done, we will coat the body with 24K gold and wrap. As time goes by and your body regenerates inside, we will offer you a cranial or foot massage.

To end this delicious treatment, we will offer you a melee massage or a gentle relaxing massage, to hydrate the skin and make your sensory experience complete.

Stimulate your vital energy, with the nutrients of gold throughout your body, in an erotic body treatment like no other.